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Monday, December 29, 2014

#2014 Synopsis

It was an okay start                                   
Bad medium
Grand finish
What can I say?
It was fucking needed
What can I do?
But fucking eat it
Swallow it
Devour it
Shit it
Learn from experiences
Create something new and beautiful
Conscious mad strong
Confidence mad stronger
Crown Certified Queen
No need to wonder
Fuck a dollar and a dream
Mz-AM is destined to be
Everything and in between

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Taste my Roar!!!

So many people in this world                         
Has so much Say
However not enough Action to follow
Rambling by the tongue
Allowing words to utter out of their mouths
With no sense to swallow
Indeed opinions are free
But so is stupidity
After the next day
It’s still tomorrow
Change doesn’t happen over night
It’s Consistent
It’s Progress
It’s Dedication
It’s Trust
It’s Love
It’s Faith
It’s Real
It Heals
It Saves Lives
It’s proven without PSA’s or Acknowledgement
It’s a mother fucking movement
You might want to get to moving

Thursday, November 20, 2014


When it comes to this trust sh!t
I dust sh!t
If it aint clean
It’s a must get
If it ain't real
No tolerance
No apologies
No memories
No future
No forgive me
It’s Crown Certified in these streets
Fuck you I’m me
You will breathe this positive sh!t

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clarity – F**k Me?

F**k me?                                                                       
F**k C?
F**k Mz-AM?
In these mother f**king streets?
Clarity please?
F**k you I’m me
No mask
Bare it all
Been through it all
Truth set free
Positivity is what I breathe
If you can’t f**k with it
You can’t f**k with me

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Dysfunctional by default                    
Justice for the cause
Peace for the streets
Queen for the peasants
I provide they eat
Knowledge for the soul
Forgiveness for the lies turned gold
Provider for the savage
Laughter for the madness
Keeper for secrets
Lover for the loveless
Strength for the weak
Gift for life
God speaks
The problem and solver
Test in testimony
Ex in Experiences
Indeed I’m an expert
At this shit 
Pro in Professional
This body of work is exceptional
Ass in Assassin
Leave simple bitches ass backwards
Art in Artist
No titles
No Labels
No Box
Vision in Visionary
Lead in Leader
See me see free
See three vision blurry
Grind in Grinding
Equip with this shit
Like a gun
Click click
My target don’t miss
Bang Bang
It’s a fact you can’t dismiss
Rewind that shit
Just for the sake of evidence
Guilty until proven innocent
My innocence was proven
Taken by the guilt
My success will cease and desist the bullshit
Parental Destruction
Fighter for the people
Mistake for the risk takers
Take them by the wrist
On that kumbaya ish
Lessons learned priceless
There is no denying this
Try to deny this
Critical condition is the prescription
Life support
No support
Wrong court
Wrong lane
Wrong approach
Inject pain
Complex meets genuine
If it aint genuine
I’m complex
Direct in Direction
Lame niggas detour in 2.5 second
Fuck you I’m Me
Crown Certified I breathe
Aw in Awesome
Sick with the bullshit
Feel my raft the lion’s uncaged
Tame or be tamed
Understand or explain
Survival of the Strongest
I AM the Queen of the Jungle
Roar real quick
Quick to cut a bitch
Repent for my sins
Then write about it
I’ll take that

Copyright 2014

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Reply To - King and Queen: Presence by Jay Mauney

Kings are Princes reared by Queens                                               
It is the tuition of royalty that enables me
To be a dream come true to a daughter of my kindred
So splendid here's the theme
Ten camels lay with gifts for the hips
Lips and eyes of destiny my future sunrise
It was a training camp while I waited all of the manuals outdated
This was a one on one experience a legacy so I staged it
I exercised with the weight of the world
You saw the picture of the earth on my shoulders
Chiseled by chivalry you seen the statue carved from the stone-like boulder
A boy to a man
Man to a soldier
What's older than my exposure to my mandate my purpose
Where did you think this physique came from?
I was pushing up the globe to find you
Diamond beneath earth’s rocky world
I was born as a prince given to a queen given son ship to a king trained to conquer anything green
Divide anything blue an architect of the sky or across the deep sea plains
So my queen when you came
I was more than prepared
I was trained and then crowned for the life of a kingly reign

Copyright 2014

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

King and Queen: Presence

S/O to my Kings
My Kings
My Kings
My Kings
Not a nigga
Not a boy
Not a pimp
Not a whore
The presence of a King
Makes the presence of a Queen much greater
Although she can stand alone
The King will not let her

Friday, October 3, 2014

Reply To - King and Queen: Protection by Jay Mauney

I'm the Chief of Police
Nothing ordinary about my
Law enforcement lady
My badge of honor is having my baby
Last name the same as mine
I'm fine with the titles your lawyer
Your bible
I am the shield of protection the acer of the final
Your wedding day arrival
My election for the remaining section of our lives
Is a constant desire to set you on fire
The flames of our attraction keep
The fire trucks flying
The sounds
The sirens
We're at it again
No Fire escape
I'm teaching you
To breathe while the smoke is rising
No need for open book
Open me
Examine the ways it pays to be
My favorite you're the infection I have
Me the doctor
Oh wait no it's you
Those curves and me with no brakes my mistake
I'll live through
Your brain is my chemo
I'm insured by a Leo
Approved for this type of business by the better business bureau
Yeah we have our times
We up and down like the Nasdaq
But the meter in a straight line says we're dead
We're so far from that
If protection had a name it would be
King and Queen now let's see them penetrate our world

There's an army waiting with a General by the name of Me

Copyright 2014

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

King and Queen: Protection

He's my Police Officer
It's his law to protect and serve
He wears the badge proudly
It's his honor and privilege
To take a bullet
If necessary
He's my Lawyer
He makes sure I get what I deserve
More importantly what I need
We may argue
Agree to disagree
No matter what
The case will always be a victory
He's my Fireman
When it gets too hot
I can burst into flames
He doesn't mind putting out the fire

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reply To - King and Queen: Eyes by Jay Mauney

It was more like the beginning
A rendering of creation
I was formed at a station
The dust his nishma his imagination
I was Alpha with a pledge given Eden
Made the head the son of Hashem with an inheritance
That spread over all the Middle East
My home had rivers, gold, and the onyx it was
Genesis the commanding of the Earth was mine
I was King I reigned
But inside was desire a pain my heart had set on replay
Guarded by a cage trying to birth something
A rib was in the way my maker claimed it was time
The Queen was on the way
I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of my throne with an empty seat
But awakened by the sun and the glamour of a figure headed to me
Guided by my image
The Lion right to me
In awe of her presence I was told she was a gift from heaven
I stood up to greet her with a hello and a pleasure to meet her
But she addressed me with her name it was Delta
Because she was the fourth from creation
She was happy to meet me the other part of the relation
I took her by the hand headed north to my throne
Behind my seat the other Crown
It was hers it fit perfectly
Just like her hand inside mine
So divine when she speaks
I eat the words that escape the dividing of her lips
My declaration to my kingdom was to acknowledge its Queen
The newest member of the Kings Court, Delta The Queen of Genesis

Copyright 2014

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

King and Queen: Eyes

I fell in love with you
When I looked into your eyes
Everything in me wanted to cry
Tears of joy
Because finally I found my guy
In 2.5 second with one glance
Head to feet
My heart skipped a triple beat
Damn I think I need help breathing
Mentally I started praying
Please tell me God that my sight is correct
Because I like what I see
Please tell me God his personality
Matches with his mentality
That he's not only what I want
But more importantly what I need

Friday, August 29, 2014

Wake Up - #RIPMichaelBrown

What is justice?                
What is peace?
You got to be kidding
In these streets
This ish 
May look like a movie
Buts it’s real to me
It may be on TV
But is happening 
Please believe
If it’s not your life
It could be a kid down the street
Wake up people 
We're at war
Please don’t sleep
The government is sneaky
Greedy and do not care about our needs
If they did
Please tell me where is the peace?

Friday, August 22, 2014


It’s Mz-AM’s Birthday
We're here to celebrate
I don't know her
But I know she’s a LEO
Thus she’s Queen
That makes her Crown Certified
By all means
While writing this poem
The only thing that came to mind
Was I’m A Queen

Sunday, August 10, 2014

You can't Break Me! #2

S/O to You blood sucking                                                            
Demonic creatures
Savage trifling mother fuckers
My homie jones told me
Get that shit off your chest
Let them chips falls
Never drop the ball
And if you do
Make sure you call the referee
To wipe it off

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dating Prison #10 – Mr. Catfish

Name: Mr. Catfish
Age: 40
Likes: Women
Dislikes: Men
Victim Eligible: HELL No
Charge: Gender Falsification
Sentence:  Indefinite
After meeting Mr. FBC

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dating Prison #9 – Mr. Facebook Creeping

Name: Mr. Facebook Creeping Age: 36
Likes: Single women
Dislikes: Women w/ children
Victim Eligible: No
Charge:  (3 counts of) Dishonesty & (3 counts of) Disloyalty
Sentence:  Divorce per wife, Sex Arrest (Rehab) for 2 years, and Counseling

Friday, May 16, 2014

Dating Prison #8 - Online Dating

Name: Mr. Online Dating  Age: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Victim Eligible: No
Charge: Do not listen to your girls
Sentence:  Use at will
The Blind Date was successful
My girls thought I should take it up a notch

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dating Prison # 7– Mr. Blind Date

Name: Mr. Blind Date Age: 36
Likes: Confident women
Dislikes: Passive aggressive women
Victim Eligible: Yes
Charge: The Perfect Disaster Date
Sentence:  Second Date
So I’ve been single for a minute
The girls persuade me to go on a blind date

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dating Prison #6 – Mr. Ex

Name: Mr. Ex Age: 34
Likes: Having his cake and eating it too
Dislikes: Commitment
Victim Eligible: No
Charge: Trifling
Sentence:  3 years in rehab

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

F**k You I’m Me#4 - I spit PAIN!

I spit pain effortlessly                                                     
Not for sympathetic apologies
I just want to express myself
Openly and honestly
Touch at least one soul
Through faith
You bestowed in my testimony
Give a reason for every season
That I never lived
Instead of fighting the breeze
Accepting the different temperatures
That bullsh!t breathes
Racking up leafy-leaves
That fell upon me
The sun shine its brightest
On the best days

F**k You I'm Me#2 – Fake B!tches

I'll pencil your a$$ in                                          
Erase your a$$ out
Watch how my name
Comes out your f**king mouth
I don't write the games
I just play them
Ni$$as think they winning
Three hands ago
I was three steps ahead of them
Benefit of doubt
Will leave you
Doubtful benefits
No currency to get at this
So now what
You sell your soul
The lies unfold
The truth unsold
Your gangster aint bold

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Give Me My Pu$$y Back

I cannot accept the fact that                                  
You dick down niggas on the low
Portraying a honest husband
Working hard always on the go
But when it’s time to make this pussy rhyme
You want to sleep and all of a sudden
I’m hard to please
Nigga please
Really nigga please
I can’t believe you suck D’s
Your name dick and suck
All in one sentence
Got me fucked up

Monday, March 31, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #11 – What is Crown Certified?

What is Crown Certified? 
Crown Certified is Self-Ownership
Loving your flaws in ALL
Chin up Chest out
Walking Proud and Bold
Accepting the cards that were dealt for your life
While playing the F**K out of them
Knowing the purpose of your being
Society can persuade you as being different is not acceptable
As being a duplicate of another individual is the only option

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crown Certified Moment Finale #10 – King!

Dear King,

I don’t know your name
Your ethnicity
Clearly nothing in regards to your appearance
However what I do know is this
You are the…
The Ruler
The Conqueror
The Healer
The Giver
You’re a King
Awaiting your Queen

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #9 – Who AM I to Love?

Who am I to Love?
When Love has never loved me back
When a face is a replacement for a mask
When everything I give
I receive nothing back
Not as if
It’s expected
Nor requested
I simply deserve it
Who am I to Love?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #8 - My Shoes

How are you?
Have a seat and relax
As this maybe unusual for you
However per your request
Endless demands
My gratitude  
I provide you
My Shoes

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #7 – The Arrest

Officer: Mz-AM you’re currently Arrested 
Mz-AM: For what charge sir?
Officer: That will be explained at the office Ma’am
Mz-AM: I know my rights sir
Officer: Is that right ma’am? What might they be?

Punker up as if it’s the law
Embrace my lips
I’ll suffer the consequences with a kiss
No resistance
Hands behind my head
Legs spread
Please cuff me

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #6 - Love ME!

How can you love me?
If you can’t love yourself
How can you embrace me?
If you don’t know your worth
See I’m a different type of female
Fuck the search I know my worth
Fuck the game and the race
I know my place
Its First place any given day
All day
Count the ways

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #5 - GAS (Grind Aint Sh!t)

Yo “C” GAS! Yo “C” your Grind Aint Sh!t!
What the f**k you doing
Don’t you get it?
No matter how hard you try
You still aint sh!t
Grind away my dear
Let your pride take the first seat to disaster
No worries
When you crash I will not be there to help you after
Haven’t you realized by now
Your Grind Aint Sh!t (GAS)!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #4 - Just Friends?

What’s wrong with being just friends?
Like seriously, just friends?
I remember growing up with friends
May it be men or women?
We just chilled
No sexual intent
No motive
No objective
WE just chilled
Nowadays people have an agenda
A simple outing just for entertainment with the opposite sex
Making friendship a prerequisite for sex

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

F**k You I’m Me #10 – Beautifully Flawed

My Flaws are Flawless                                   
My Beauty is Endless
Therefore I’m Beautifully Flawed
I will not apologize for my mistakes
I will embrace them and find another way
To learn and not escape
I’m Beautifully Flawed and I love it
No I do not walk straight
My legs are bowed as an arrow
A Doctor would suggest
This was an error
A birth defect
At which the car wreck in 1996
Added to it
Four surgeries later
I’m over it
It does not matter to me
I like the way my hips sway

Thursday, January 2, 2014

F**k You I’m Me # 9 - Why AM I Single?

I've been asked this question for years                                   
Thus I've decided to answer it
The question is “Why are you Single?”
Typically I would respond
“Because the right man hasn't approached me yet”
“I don’t have time for anyone, I’m too busy”
“I want to know the same thing” lol
Now these responses are true
They were at different times in my life
I’m now 30 and I was asked the same question yesterday
My response was “I don’t know but I do know”
Crazy, right?
Actually it makes perfect sense
Let me explain
Having a preference is a great attribute
It keeps an individual aligned with reality