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Monday, April 28, 2014

Dating Prison #6 – Mr. Ex

Name: Mr. Ex Age: 34
Likes: Having his cake and eating it too
Dislikes: Commitment
Victim Eligible: No
Charge: Trifling
Sentence:  3 years in rehab
If a person was to look up the definition of the term “Ex”
I’m certain words like excluding or without would be obvious
However for some men the meaning is not obvious
Exes become exes
Because they refuse to treat a women
The way she wants to be treated
The way he should treat her
So if she ex yo ass
Don’t be pressing her ass
If she starts dating someone new
Don’t be that damn dude
Expressing how you can treat her
Because the fact of the matter
You had her and failed to do
So save her that bogus shit
For a simple chick
That doesn’t mind what you do
Exes please stay in the ex-lane
Don’t be that dude
That was once cute
Now he’s a lame
It’s a damn shame
Because it was self-inflicted
Fucking ridiculous
For example
Dear Mr. Ex
Please digress and remember what you did
And how we got to the term “Ex”
You fucked up
I was down for you and willing to forgive
You dismissed me as if I was a kid
Had me thinking I was the one to blame
When in fact you were the one with toys
Hiding them hoes
By the name of the week
Monday through Friday
Your Monday & Wednesday got the days mixed up
That’s how we got into this situation
Shit got real and it’s fucked up

Farewell Mr. Ex and good luck! J

Copyright 2014 

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