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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Confidence #5 - Facts (He Is)

When he sees me   
He sees Queen
When he hears me
He hears her majesty
When he feels me
He feels the enter me
Beyond my centerpiece
He respects my masterpiece
As the Queen I am
He will never settle for less than me
He respects me
He respects my mentality
He expands my reality
Meanwhile building my resume

The Coffee - #2 - Who Am I? (Same Pu$$y)

I want and need new pu$$y  
Not new pu$$y but new pu$$y
I'm tired of that same pu$$y
You know that same position pu$$y
That sucks my πŸ†
I lick your cl!t
Then f**k the hell out of you
Same pu$$y
Nah we don't f**k in the a$$
Same pu$$y
The never spit on the πŸ†same pu$$y
The never Suck and swallow same pu$$y

The Coffee - #1 - Who Am I? (Unworthy)

I know he's married
But I love him
He takes care of me and our baby
I could never leave him
We share a soul
That took my eggs and his semen
That created a begin 
The Lord knows
I'm faulty
Living the life
That's considered unworthy
I'm thirsty
For just a fingerprint of his spirit

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Coffee - Predetermined Questions & Five Extreme Hints!

The Coffee…Predetermined Questions?

1.       What are the intentions and/or plan?

2.       Does everyone know each other?

3.        Who’s cheating?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Confidence #4 – Revelation

Call her the chancellor 
The forgiver
The God Sent independent ruler
The heartfelt believer
The innocent bystander
The logical force defender
The supporter that continuously lenders
Is it her stance?
The way she
Switches up her hair
The magnitude of her perfume
The way she pops off
When she’s not in the mood