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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #7 – The Arrest

Officer: Mz-AM you’re currently Arrested 
Mz-AM: For what charge sir?
Officer: That will be explained at the office Ma’am
Mz-AM: I know my rights sir
Officer: Is that right ma’am? What might they be?

Punker up as if it’s the law
Embrace my lips
I’ll suffer the consequences with a kiss
No resistance
Hands behind my head
Legs spread
Please cuff me
Behind bars it’s worth it
I’ll take the sentence for the cause
If love means I’m under arrest
Please press additional charges
I won’t fight the battle
I’ll take the lose
Per the infamous quote
If loving you is wrong
I don’t want to be right
Priceless fight
However please make sure
The allegations are correct
1.      Numerous charges of Loyalty
2.      100% of Honesty
3.      100% of Love
4.      2 Counts of Commitment
5.      2 Counts of Patience
6.      2 Counts of Trails & Tribulations
7.      2 Counts of Growth
8.      2 Counts of God (Spiritually)
9.      2 Counts of Support
10.    2 Counts of Determination
Under no circumstance
I can accept any charges other than thee
If you think otherwise
I need a lawyer immediately

Copyright 2014

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