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Thursday, November 20, 2014


When it comes to this trust sh!t
I dust sh!t
If it aint clean
It’s a must get
If it ain't real
No tolerance
No apologies
No memories
No future
No forgive me
It’s Crown Certified in these streets
Fuck you I’m me
You will breathe this positive sh!t
By all means
If you f**k with me
If I f**ks with you
Shit can be beautiful
Trust is reciprocal
If not received
Sh!t is difficult
Problems become consistent
Love becomes resistant
Honesty becomes non-existent
Time is wasted
New replacement
The cycle continues
The heart becomes renewed
What’s the remedy?
Trust without lust
Love with only trust
Know what you need
Believe what you see
Understand what you hear
Listen with your ears
Be careful with your words
Express with your mouth
…Never exist    
When it comes to this trust sh!t
I dust sh!t
If it ain't clean
It’s a must get
If it ain't real
It’s a must quit
Don’t trip
If I dip
Along the way flip
Dismiss sh!t
Reflection is a b!tch
If you can’t trust yourself
How can you be trusted?
Trust starts with the reflection

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