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Friday, June 6, 2014

Dating Prison #10 – Mr. Catfish

Name: Mr. Catfish
Age: 40
Likes: Women
Dislikes: Men
Victim Eligible: HELL No
Charge: Gender Falsification
Sentence:  Indefinite
After meeting Mr. FBC

I decided to take a break from anything pertaining to online
But I thought about the dating online previous situation
That was a great experience
Mr. Online Dating and I see each other often
But it’s nothing serious
Plus he travels
We have a mutual understanding
Moving forward
I decided to give the online dating another chance
Day one I seen nothing of my liking
Day three still noting
Day five I’m feeling like this process is pointless
Finally day seven I noticed a message
The picture of this guy was handsome
I checked out the profile it was impressive
I proceed to the message I was sent
He was very gentleman like
We spoke on often for about two weeks
We connected on all social media accounts
Just to make sure the he was who he said he was
We decided week three we would go out on a date
Its date night and I’m excited
The plan was to meet uptown at a known bar
I get there he meets me at the door
Mentally I’m thanking God looks like his picture
We being to eat and have a couple of drinks
The conversation is great
I mean to the point we both can’t stop laughing
I made a joke and he laughed so hard
His head went back exposing his neck
I couldn’t help but to notice there wasn’t an Adams Apple
Jokingly I stated you’re the first male
I’ve met that didn’t have an Adams Apple that’s interesting
He replied
That’s because I was born a women
Mr. Catfish was actually Ms. Catfish
Yes with breast and the cookie

Copyright 2014

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