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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #5 - GAS (Grind Aint Sh!t)

Yo “C” GAS! Yo “C” your Grind Aint Sh!t!
What the f**k you doing
Don’t you get it?
No matter how hard you try
You still aint sh!t
Grind away my dear
Let your pride take the first seat to disaster
No worries
When you crash I will not be there to help you after
Haven’t you realized by now
Your Grind Aint Sh!t (GAS)!

Wait! What?
Please come again
It must be some form of miscommunication
Because the way my mentality work
Shit MUST make sense
To have the drive that was given by God
You sh!t on
To have the strength to fight obstacles
You take for granted
To have the personality of growth and prosperity
You use against me
Pardon me…however…
My motivation has always been influenced
By negativity
To bring the beast out of me
Only takes 2.5 second for you to breathe
The wrong sh!t to me
Growth is my Ecstasy
Thus I Swallow Bullshit easily
Common sense is Free
It’s crazy to me
How many people don’t like Freebies?
Logic is the husband to knowledge
That gives birth to decisions
Thus this thing we call GRIND
Is NOT for simple B!tches
It’s for those Chaotic Sleepless Dreamers
It’s for those that inspire to Drive a Beamer
Straight off the lot Paid in cash
Your Grind is the SH!T!
For the Entrepreneurs
Understanding the meaning
“By Any Means Necessary”
Your Grind is the SH!T!
For the Students
Education is KEY
It’s a proven Theory
Your Grind is the SH!T!
For the Artists
You are the gift
Your Grind is the SH!T!
For the Single Parents
You HOLD it down
Your Grind is the SH!T!
As you can see I reverse negativity
In the most positive creative way
I’m here to tell you
Your Grind is the SH!T!
Without No Passion
There is No Grind
Without No Grind
There is No Passion
Your Grind is the SH!T(GTS)!

Copyright 2013

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