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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crown Certified Moment Finale #10 – King!

Dear King,

I don’t know your name
Your ethnicity
Clearly nothing in regards to your appearance
However what I do know is this
You are the…
The Ruler
The Conqueror
The Healer
The Giver
You’re a King
Awaiting your Queen
You will not settle for less than thee
That’s beneath your royalty
You will not converse with plenty
That’s not worthy
You will not disappoint
That’s unruly
You’re a natural born Leader

The Commander and Chief
The Alpha Man and Trouble Shooter
Charismatic and Ruthless Go-Getta
Arrogant with your words
Confidence overrule the thirst
Loyalty speaks Bold
Fearless with your heart
Treat your Queen like Gold
Poker chips you always Fold

(Say’s the Queen)

Like the game of chess
I am the most powerful piece
I will always have your back
Queen Me
Bow down on one knee
I look up and down to my King
Vertically and horizontally
I will pawn a piece to save thee
I protect my family and KING
By any means necessary
Kiss my hand
Queen Me
If my words mean nothing to you
Please by all means let my thoughts
Speak to you
My actions
Relieve you
Queen ME!
As you may see
WE as King and Queen
I am the Empress
You’re the Emperor
However the particular Queen
That can fulfill all your dreams and needs
You will fight and challenge
As a boy chasing his own ego
Trust abused
In the process
I understand you
No need to wait
I’m here to stay
Queen me, King!

Copyright 2014

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