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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

T.O.C. #6 - B!tch Sh!t

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
I gave you my heart
You dissed it
I kept it moving
Now you piss-ED
Did you realize
Your side bitch wasn’t sh!t
You had a Queen
But you didn’t
Know how to handle it
I call THIS Bitch Sh!t
Because only a B!tch
Does THIS shit
I’m so tired
Of you weak Nig’s

Saturday, May 11, 2019

T.O.C. #5 - Appointment

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
Why the f**k
You checking my clock
No appointment on the dock
Please reschedule for another slot
Slot meaning another position
Another position meaning
Another spot
Another location
Far from my clock
A different company 
A different slot
A different lot
A different pay grade
A different mindset 

T.O.C. #4 - You Wanna F**k?

Tic Toc
Tic Toc
So you wanna f**k   
You've been wanting
To f**k for so long
I wouldn't be surprised
If that nut comes early
So why you wanna f**k
Is my natural thought
While you explain to me
Your every moment of
How you can
F**k the hell out of me
My mind is screaming
Hell no you will never