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Friday, October 24, 2014

Reply To - King and Queen: Presence by Jay Mauney

Kings are Princes reared by Queens                                               
It is the tuition of royalty that enables me
To be a dream come true to a daughter of my kindred
So splendid here's the theme
Ten camels lay with gifts for the hips
Lips and eyes of destiny my future sunrise
It was a training camp while I waited all of the manuals outdated
This was a one on one experience a legacy so I staged it
I exercised with the weight of the world
You saw the picture of the earth on my shoulders
Chiseled by chivalry you seen the statue carved from the stone-like boulder
A boy to a man
Man to a soldier
What's older than my exposure to my mandate my purpose
Where did you think this physique came from?
I was pushing up the globe to find you
Diamond beneath earth’s rocky world
I was born as a prince given to a queen given son ship to a king trained to conquer anything green
Divide anything blue an architect of the sky or across the deep sea plains
So my queen when you came
I was more than prepared
I was trained and then crowned for the life of a kingly reign

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