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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love Drops by: Mz-AM and BobbyThePoet

Its moments like this    
....I wish
Love drops would fall
I don't mind to get wet
Let each drop
Touch me
Protect me
Cover me
Take over my entire body
I will not take shield
I will embrace it
Roll around
Play with it
Inhale like a fein
Straight face it
I wanna taste it
Just one more time
Hell its worth the try

What Are You Talking About? (Part 2) By: Manifested feat. Mz-AM

*****Disclaimer: The following poem is a poetic argument between a husband and wife. Manifested and Mz-AM are just playing characters. No poet was harmed during the creation of this poem.*****

What are you talking about?
You use to be mind blowing, now you just make me wanna blow my brains out.
What are you talking about?
Your voice use to be the rhythm of which my ear drum would beat,
Now your voice sounds like a war cry, got me surrendering and running in retreat.
What are you talking about?
Cause the language you speaking I just don’t understand,
Need I remind you im not your child, Or did you forget im your man.
What are you talking about?
I used to miss you even when you were just in the other room,
Now I no longer desire to be in your presence, the love I once had is now consumed.
Or should I say confused, I have tried to make peace with you, but you refuse…
To make amends, let bygones be  bygones,
I wont the madness to stop, but you keep pushing me on and on.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Call Before You Cum (Rated R - Real)

Call before you come 
I'll get it wet
Call before you come
Never forget
Call before you come
This here is lethal
Call before you come
I'll have you in a fetal
Baby if you don't call
How do I know when you're Cuming
Tell me
What does it take
Let me guess
The Forward Flex
I know how you like to take charge