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Friday, August 22, 2014


It’s Mz-AM’s Birthday
We're here to celebrate
I don't know her
But I know she’s a LEO
Thus she’s Queen
That makes her Crown Certified
By all means
While writing this poem
The only thing that came to mind
Was I’m A Queen
I'm a queen
I do not believe in anything less than thee
I’m a queen
I will not follow in any footsteps less than me
I'm a queen
My birth right says so
Natural born Leo
Natural born leader
Different type of breed
Queen status indeed
A personality so unique
It comes with intolerable speed
Therefore only a king can meet my needs
Trust me the cookies are KING proof
No lames nor games
Can operate in my lane
I’m a Queen
This cannot be determined by materialistic things
It’s a mine state
That some can't relate too
But it’s easy to do
It’s like a recipe
It takes a little bit of this and a little bit of that
Some trials and tribulations
But the reward is so divine
I’m a Queen
My love is so raw
It’s always fresh
My talk is so strong
I can have you eating out the palm of my hand
My walk is so fierce
You may lose concentration
By looking for so long
I'm a Queen
A true goddess indeed
I inhale positivity
I exhale blessings and lessons
To princesses in the making
Praying that the message is worth the test
I'm a Queen
A lover of all things
Family is my everything
Loyalty is my heart
Honesty is my trust
Happiness is the purpose
Life is more than a dream
It’s what you decide it to be
Thus I’m a Queen
Happy Bornday to me!

Copyright 2014

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