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Sunday, August 10, 2014

You Can't Break Me! Part 2

S/O to You blood sucking
Demonic creatures
Savage trifling mother fuckers
My homie jones told me
Get that shit off your chest
Let them chips falls
Never drop the ball
And if you do
Make sure you call the referee
To wipe it off
Break through them walls
There is no obstacle to hard
You can't break me
My homie Raw told me
Yo “C” I think NC
Is making you a bit soft
The “C” I know will lyrically
Assassinate a nigga before
He can think of a bar
Destroy a nigga’s character before it can start
Or take part in a grown person’s conversation
You can't break me
My homegurl Valerie said
“C” you're the strongest of them all
You’ve always been
That’s how you got this far
You can't break me
My homegurl Kama said
God has something special for you
Or else he wouldn’t let these things happen to you
The test provides the testimony
The testimony is delivered by God’s Servants
And you dear is the chosen one
Please lead by example
You can't break me
That’s my response to it all
Perhaps before the Bullshit
Please take a call
Hell if it’s collect
I’ll pay the charge
Just know you’re stupidity
Will put you behind bars
I’m not the disease you want
Nor need
My dialect can’t translate
The language you speak
If you come for me
You might want to bring
An entire army
You can't break me
The God I serve
Embedded this in me
My God is powerful
He will teach you a lesson silently
Meanwhile uttering the words loudly
I’m his daughter and he will protect me
By all means
This worldly shit has no meaning
Even in this mist of bullshit
I remain supreme
Always in the lead
Chuck the deuces
You can't break me!

Copyright 2014

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