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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dating Prison # 7– Mr. Blind Date

Name: Mr. Blind Date Age: 36
Likes: Confident women
Dislikes: Passive aggressive women
Victim Eligible: Yes
Charge: The Perfect Disaster Date
Sentence:  Second Date
So I’ve been single for a minute
The girls persuade me to go on a blind date
Immediately I was not up for the challenge
However my girls know me the best
They flipped the script implying that I was scared
That’s not the case therefore I accepted the challenge
The idea of a blind date is horrifying
Let’s be honest statically it’s not the best experience
I knew my girls had my back so I let them proceed
I let them chose the person that would be my date for the night
All I was given was a first name, date, time, and place
Three days later I was told by my girls tonight 8pm at Carolina Grill
His name is Shawn and he is looking forward to meeting you
I just got off work which I only had time to get ready on be on the way
As I’m driving to my destination my mind begins to wonder
I finally get there and he is nowhere to be found
I asked the host if someone was looking for Mz-AM
The host stated no and as I was turning around
A guy comes up to me and asks if I was Mz-AM
Before I could utter the words no
I knew I was going to kill my girls for this
Shawn was 5’10 and about 175 pounds
He was missing 3 teeth in the front of his mouth
He had two children with him
He was wearing a long t-shirt with sagging jeans
That were clearly too big for him
Then a woman came with a car seat and the third child
Stated enjoy your date
Then my mouth utter the words I’m sorry
You have the wrong person and I walked out
Now I’m literally at my destination and I stopped wondering
As I’m getting out of the car a guy comes up to me and ask
Are you Mz-AM?
I stated yes sir I am
He closed my door behind me and gave me five roses
I smiled and said thank you why five roses
He stated your friend stated your favorite number is five
I jokingly asked by any chance will three children pop up at our date
He laughed and stated no I’m single with no kids
Why do you ask?
I told him I would explain over dinner
We both laughed and enjoyed dinner
He was a perfect gentleman and everything I didn’t wonder
I’m looking forward to date number two

Copyright 2014

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