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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Taste my Roar!!!

So many people in this world                         
Has so much Say
However not enough Action to follow
Rambling by the tongue
Allowing words to utter out of their mouths
With no sense to swallow
Indeed opinions are free
But so is stupidity
After the next day
It’s still tomorrow
Change doesn’t happen over night
It’s Consistent
It’s Progress
It’s Dedication
It’s Trust
It’s Love
It’s Faith
It’s Real
It Heals
It Saves Lives
It’s proven without PSA’s or Acknowledgement
It’s a mother fucking movement
You might want to get to moving
The world is changing
With You
Or without you
You might want to wake the fuck up
It takes lives
To save lives
It’s more than a tradition
A Fight
A Cause
A Purpose
It’s Written
How much proof do you WANT?
How much proof do you NEED?
Open your eyes and SEE!
What’s happening in these streets!
Fuck tomorrow
Today it could be ME
A relative
Best friend
Hell family too
Coworkers not exempt
Kids are the first to get it
Target as a piece of meat
By TWO Masters of destruction
Hatred and Racism
Fed up is an understatement
Pissed off is unrated
Attempting words
To explain my frustration
The noose is loose
Fuck your chain
I got restraints too
My boo sitting lovely and new
Ready to aim and shoot
I obey the laws
But I’m no fool
Justice is unjust
The government rules
Pick up a book and READ
It’s overDUE
It’s time
WE are Past Due
No Renewals
No Extended memberships
No Free trials
No Discounts
No Hook ups
No Freebies
Just Simply
We don’t give a Fuck
It’s time to Wake Up
Or Shut Up
I choose option number one
I’ll stand alone if Need Be
Crown Certified Queen

Copyright 2014

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