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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #8 - My Shoes

How are you?
Have a seat and relax
As this maybe unusual for you
However per your request
Endless demands
My gratitude  
I provide you
My Shoes
I’m a 7 1/2 to 8 in Women shoes
I’m a 5 1/2 to 6 in Boys sneakers
I’m a jersey girl
A pair of “Tim's”
Boys in a 5 1/2
As I recall you stated
“I can wear your shoes easy
Walk, Struck, Strike, and Pose”
I welcome you
I need a break
I thank you
Please go ahead and wear
My Shoes
However there is a disclaimer
Also a couple of rules
In order for you to walk in
My Shoes
Obedience is simple
Prioritize is Key
1.      God
2.      Family
3.      Business
4.      Leisure
5.      Everything else
Yes in that order
No exceptions or excuses
Now before I clean my shoes for your use
Are you sure you want to walk in my shoes?
I do not want to mislead you
It’s not as easy
As it may seem
To walk in
My Shoes
There will be hurtles
Hell there will be storms
Battles that will seem as if
It’s never going to end
Trails on top of trails
Tribulations on top of tribulations
Mistakes after mistakes
Lessons learned with no breaks
No pause
Push play
No rewinds or fast forwards
Push play
Hell Record is play
Push play
Are you sure you want to walk in my shoes?
Are you ready for the marathon?
I’m not speaking of a contest or event
I’m speaking of Life
As my shoes runs the hell trough it
Life is a marathon and I've got first place
Can you keep up with the speed?
Shoe replacements will help
It will last temporarily
Until the next pair is needed
How costly this maybe for you
I Thank God me wearing my shoes is free
This coupon you’re offering is intriguing
You a couple of days in my shoes
Is definitely relieving
However there is a fee
Yes a Financial fee
My Shoes is my Integrity
I’m copyrighted
Thus a contract is necessary
Per the duration
Half of the deposit must be paid in Advance
No Refunds
No Negotiations
No Problems
These Are The Terms

You can sign here…

Copyright 2014

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