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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

King and Queen: Eyes

I fell in love with you
When I looked into your eyes
Everything in me wanted to cry
Tears of joy
Because finally I found my guy
In 2.5 second with one glance
Head to feet
My heart skipped a triple beat
Damn I think I need help breathing
Mentally I started praying
Please tell me God that my sight is correct
Because I like what I see
Please tell me God his personality
Matches with his mentality
That he's not only what I want
But more importantly what I need

That connection has to be much greater
Than a mustard seed
Then my love
You started walking toward me
My prayer stopped
As the lion in me
I enjoy observing my prey
It was clear we're both grown
Neither one of us entertained a chase
It's that King in you
The Queen in me
That doesn't have time for games
We know what we want
We make that evident
Then claim
Not baggage
or any type of luggage
We both ain't too proud to show it
We understand the Mz-AM Monday Madness Quote
'It's hard to find someone
That's real and true,
 When God bless you with that opportunity
It's a blessing for the both of you"
Then my love
You said "Excuse Me, what's your name beautiful"?
I replied "Queen, what's your name handsome"?
You said "King, it's nice to meet you"
I replied "The pleasure is all mines"
Then I stared into your eyes
At that moment I realized
You were sent directly from God
Our souls instantly connected
Without a surprise
Silently I said God
Stop playing
I heard a whisper in my ear
"I'm not playing and it's not entertainment"
Then my love
You said "Queen,It would be an honor and blessing
If I could take you out to dinner"
I replied "How can I deny a King, sure"

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