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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #9 – Who AM I to Love?

Who am I to Love?
When Love has never loved me back
When a face is a replacement for a mask
When everything I give
I receive nothing back
Not as if
It’s expected
Nor requested
I simply deserve it
Who am I to Love?
When everything about me
Express thee
Out of all three
God is the only one that commits to me        
Love is what I breathe faithfully
Family is what I seek consistently
The lack of not having
Produce a greater urge to have
To want
To need
To demand
Who am I to Love?
If he is who I believe
To be the one
Chews my heart like gum
Play with my emotions like drums
Turn my flaws into bruises
Leaving me scared and useless
Who am I to Love?
If my friends become my enemies
Trying to portray or take what’s within me
Utilize my mind, skills, and grind
For their personal gain
Loose change
Who am I to Love?
If the word Family has no range
When attempting trust results in a bust
Without a warrant
Who am I to Love?
When a mother has no knowledge of motherhood
A father’s absence is not understood
When a child is left survive with one set of eyes
Everyday life is a surprise
Who am I to Love?
When loyalty is just another word out of the dictionary
God replied
Love me and I will fulfill all your hopes and dreams
Just learn to love me
I will direct your path
Provide you with everything you need
Just love me
The journey has just began
Who are you to love?
The answer is ME!

Copyright 2014

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