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Thursday, January 2, 2014

F**k You I’m Me # 9 - Why AM I Single?

I've been asked this question for years                                   
Thus I've decided to answer it
The question is “Why are you Single?”
Typically I would respond
“Because the right man hasn't approached me yet”
“I don’t have time for anyone, I’m too busy”
“I want to know the same thing” lol
Now these responses are true
They were at different times in my life
I’m now 30 and I was asked the same question yesterday
My response was “I don’t know but I do know”
Crazy, right?
Actually it makes perfect sense
Let me explain
Having a preference is a great attribute
It keeps an individual aligned with reality
Thus I have my preference and over the years it’s been adjusted
So the question is where do I stand now?
To be more in depth “What do I want in a MAN?”
So here we go
Although I don’t seem like it
I’m a simple woman that loves traditional Men
With a twist if you will
Educated and Professional
Meaning business man by day
Thug by night
Knows how to put me in my place just right
The normal guy
The Alpha man 
Rock with me for a minute
I love chivalry and gentleman
Not temporary gentleman but a full-time worker
I like a Man that is patient and Kind
Thus I can be very aggressive and impatient
There must be a medium
He must be willing to take the wheel
Without direction
As I may travel the distance for True Love
Test the boundaries
Just to make sure he is where I belong
He must be interested in ME
Not the idea of me
He must be willing to grow with me
Not against me or surpass me
To understand me is to know me
To know me is to let me guard down
To let me guard down
I’ll have to trust him
To trust him is step one
Which will lead to step 2,3, and so on
I want intimacy
I want chemistry but more so a connection
I want loyalty without question, allegations, or baggage
I want a soul mate, marriage, and kids
Preferably I want us both to share the experience of our first
Not my second or his third
I want a Man that is secure within his skin
Can look at me and own the words
I’m all she needs
More importantly he knows
Satisfaction is guaranteed
Dealing with a woman like me
I want a Man that will not use my emotions as a target
Invest in my heart and soul
Look beyond my physical beauty and love me past my flaws
Be my strength when I’m weak
Lend me a hand when I don’t ask for it
Be my supporter and friend
Homies until the end
Friends before Lovers
That has the passion to build an empire together
I want a KING that’s self-made
A ride or die brother whom feelings will never fade
I want a Godly man
I want the Man that’s meant truly for me

Copyright 2014

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