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Friday, May 30, 2014

Dating Prison #9 – Mr. Facebook Creeping

Name: Mr. Facebook Creeping Age: 36
Likes: Single women
Dislikes: Women w/ children
Victim Eligible: No
Charge:  (3 counts of) Dishonesty & (3 counts of) Disloyalty
Sentence:  Divorce per wife, Sex Arrest (Rehab) for 2 years, and Counseling

Let me be clear I’m not for Facebook Creeping
Facebook Creeping is when one individual
Attempts to conduct a false relationship
With another person via Facebook
Let me explain
I was on Facebook and received a friend request
I accepted the request
Instantly I received an inbox message
Stating thank you for accepting my request
I replied no problem and you’re welcome
Three days later I had twenty notifications
Fifteen out of the twenty notifications
Were likes of pictures from Mr. FBC
I would consider this the normal process
When accepting a friend request
However two days later I received an inbox message stating
Hello I normally do not do this but I just had to let you know
You’re beautiful
I replied thank you
Five days later
He asked if I was single
I replied yes
He stated I never do this but can I take you out
I stated I’m sorry but I don’t obtain or entertain relationships via Facebook
I received no reply but a month later
He hit my inbox and asked me to go on a date
I replied with the same response as before
Again I received no response
Two days later
I received a message asking if we could exchange numbers
I replied with the same response
Again I received no response 
Instantly I decided to look at his profile
To see if we had any mutual friends
I wasn't sure if Mr. FBC was a stalker or not
We had two friends in common
One I knew and the other I did not
I decided to hit up my home girl I knew from college
I proceed to ask her if she knew Mr. FBC
She stated yes he’s married to the other mutual friend
I replied that interesting
She asked why?
I replied he keeps constantly asking me out
I’ve repeatedly told him no but he’s persistent
I thought he was a stalker
She replied girl he is a hoe
He got a wife and three kids
I replied that’s crazy his profile doesn't state any of the following
Nor any pictures or etc
She stated girl he is hitting you up from his false page
His real name is….
I instantly thanked her and deleted his ass!


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