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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Pleaser

I was at work                                                                                                    
My boyfriend called                                
Stressed out 
About his job
His schedule was changed
He was frustrated
Because both of our work schedules
Are completely opposite
He’s working
Later than normal

Now we'll have less time together
I told him
Babe it will be okay
As his woman
It’s my duty to relieve 
Any stress he may endure
Now it’s time to marinate
Produce a date
I’m thinking 
A red light special night
Perhaps a super sucker
To relax his mental
No exchange needed
I just want to hear 
The extensive breathing
I want to see 
His body leaning
While I repeatedly seek
The explosion
The overloading
Caused by the tongue twister
The lip tickler
The alphabetical grammar
While I approach each letter
Pronunciation is the key
I’m his spelling bee
For the night
Hand cuffed to the bed
No fighting 
The urge tonight
Just relax
Take the first class flight
To the land of ecstasy
Please babe
While I giggle those balls
Release all that frustration
Skeet skeet all over me
Now breathe
Drink some water and go to sleep

Copyright 2012 

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