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Monday, December 29, 2014

#2014 Synopsis

It was an okay start                                   
Bad medium
Grand finish
What can I say?
It was fucking needed
What can I do?
But fucking eat it
Swallow it
Devour it
Shit it
Learn from experiences
Create something new and beautiful
Conscious mad strong
Confidence mad stronger
Crown Certified Queen
No need to wonder
Fuck a dollar and a dream
Mz-AM is destined to be
Everything and in between
Pen so crazy
Like Mother fucker stole my will
Fighting to get it back
Because my words are a big deal
It pays to be the BOSS
Without no skills
No smarts
You’ll be paying that cost
For the rest of your life
Think twice
Fuck it
Think five times
Before making such a commitment
Minutes are equivalent to dollars
Aint shit free
Be careful who you make money with
Niggas are ruthless and greedy
I never said I was perfect
Hell I’m still learning
Forever and ever
I’m fighting these demons
With my biblical seat-belt on
If you don’t believe in something you’ll fall
For nothing or anything
I’m just not that giving
I know where my Faith and gifts supreme
Its God almighty
Abba Father YOU ARE KING
My Faith and Artistry are one indeed
Success never rest
It’s a continuous cycle
In order to succeed
You must believe
In self first
Everything else second
Fuck opinions
Unless it’s positive
Worth it
Give them bitches
The dismissal
Be confident in your pistol
To understand is to be understood
If someone’s lacking
Educate or cease and desist
It’s all good
Self-discovery is key
Maintaining it
Is the remedy
Knowledge to the soul
Is the cure to these streets
It doesn't matter if it’s
Physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual
Abuse is abuse
Abuse I will not tolerate
From anyone
No matter your relation or excuse
I represent myself
I’m the justice of and for me
Fuck what you HEARD in these STREETS
Be silence enjoy the repeats
Do something 
Make a change
Prevent the unjust shit
Forgiveness is simple
Forgetting is the hard part
Disclaimer must be known
Just because I forgive you
Don’t mean I want to fuck with you
Cordial is responsible
Everything else is personal or business
You’re forgiven
Family is who you make it
Family is what it is
Family is what it aint
I've learned sometimes
You must let family go
In order for family to know
In order for family unfold
In order family to grow
Friend’s vs frenemies
Can be both to me
Pending the situation
The fewer friends
The more wins
Fuck the bullshit
I just got family
No explanation needed
It’s wrapped and gifted
Love is what we’re all after
I’m not going to sugar coat the shit
I want to blow it the fuck up
No matter how hard or soft you maybe
Every King needs a Queen
Like every hoe needs a pimp
That instant security
Unconditional love
Is what makes woman weak in the knees
A Man never wanting to leave
That love so strong and deep
No ONE I MEAN no one
Can come in between
Since the age of ten
I was introduced to the life of in-dependency
Along the way it became my dependency
Later on it became my ecstasy
Now it’s the ex of me
Life is what you make it
Indeed that’s true
If life aint what you’re making it
Change some shit up
Real soon
The only person stopping you
Is You

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