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Monday, March 31, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #11 – What is Crown Certified?

What is Crown Certified? 
Crown Certified is Self-Ownership
Loving your flaws in ALL
Chin up Chest out
Walking Proud and Bold
Accepting the cards that were dealt for your life
While playing the F**K out of them
Knowing the purpose of your being
Society can persuade you as being different is not acceptable
As being a duplicate of another individual is the only option
As having goals and aspiration will only succeed if
“Daddy” eat eat
Get me?
Instantly my skin begins to crawl
My mouth utter the words
Baby I’m Crown Certified
Love me or Hate me
Guess what?
I’m still ME!
Crown Certified
A person that wears his or her Crown
No matter the circumstances is Crown Certified
The Crown is placed on the top of your head
Meaning the highest part of something
Something meaning your mentality
Where the Crown graceful rest
Your mind is the Chooser
Your body is the Temple
Your soul is the Spirit
Your mouth is the Voice
So speak when need be
Only when necessary
Silently assassinate those
That is not worthy
Lyrically with approved authority
Mind over matter
Decisions over chatter
Loyalty, Trust, and Love
Craves for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Desert equates to Happiness, Peace, and Wealth
Understand the magnitude
Money, Greed, and Deceit will lead to Hell
The Price to pay
Not worth my dignity or spirituality 
Any giving day
Some may say
Dollars make Sense
No cents produce
No change
Millions make Billions
Knowledge produced success
Success creates change
Changes start with self
What is Crown Certified?
A phrase of GREATNESS
A being of Royalty
A label of Strength
A Queen and King
Crown Certified can be anything
As long as it’s positive!

Copyright 2014

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