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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

F**k You I’m Me #10 – Beautifully Flawed

My Flaws are Flawless                                   
My Beauty is Endless
Therefore I’m Beautifully Flawed
I will not apologize for my mistakes
I will embrace them and find another way
To learn and not escape
I’m Beautifully Flawed and I love it
No I do not walk straight
My legs are bowed as an arrow
A Doctor would suggest
This was an error
A birth defect
At which the car wreck in 1996
Added to it
Four surgeries later
I’m over it
It does not matter to me
I like the way my hips sway
By the motion of my of legs
Creating a masterpiece
Each and every time I walk away
I’m beautifully flawed
That’s all right with me
The most mysterious feature about me
Are my eyes
As I am Shy
When you look at me
Real recognize real
Instantly those eyes begin to chill
Mind, body, heart, and soul
Can be expressed through my sight
However on the flipside
My eyes can be seductive
Tell you what I want
And where to put it
Innocent and loveable
A doctor would suggest
I was born with a long ASS medical term
In layman's terms
Eye problem
Five surgeries later
Glasses for life
An eye-tune-up every couple of years
I’m Beautifully Flawed
I embrace that about me
My face will never match my age
Thank God!
But it will fluctuate
My age will never determine my spirit
Therefore I’m forever young
Check the last name
It’s already done
I rock to the beat
I create
My name is Ciera Young

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