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Thursday, November 20, 2014


When it comes to this trust sh!t
I dust sh!t
If it aint clean
It’s a must get
If it ain't real
No tolerance
No apologies
No memories
No future
No forgive me
It’s Crown Certified in these streets
Fuck you I’m me
You will breathe this positive sh!t

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clarity – F**k Me?

F**k me?                                                                       
F**k C?
F**k Mz-AM?
In these mother f**king streets?
Clarity please?
F**k you I’m me
No mask
Bare it all
Been through it all
Truth set free
Positivity is what I breathe
If you can’t f**k with it
You can’t f**k with me

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Dysfunctional by default                    
Justice for the cause
Peace for the streets
Queen for the peasants
I provide they eat
Knowledge for the soul
Forgiveness for the lies turned gold
Provider for the savage
Laughter for the madness
Keeper for secrets
Lover for the loveless
Strength for the weak
Gift for life
God speaks
The problem and solver
Test in testimony
Ex in Experiences
Indeed I’m an expert
At this shit 
Pro in Professional
This body of work is exceptional
Ass in Assassin
Leave simple bitches ass backwards
Art in Artist
No titles
No Labels
No Box
Vision in Visionary
Lead in Leader
See me see free
See three vision blurry
Grind in Grinding
Equip with this shit
Like a gun
Click click
My target don’t miss
Bang Bang
It’s a fact you can’t dismiss
Rewind that shit
Just for the sake of evidence
Guilty until proven innocent
My innocence was proven
Taken by the guilt
My success will cease and desist the bullshit
Parental Destruction
Fighter for the people
Mistake for the risk takers
Take them by the wrist
On that kumbaya ish
Lessons learned priceless
There is no denying this
Try to deny this
Critical condition is the prescription
Life support
No support
Wrong court
Wrong lane
Wrong approach
Inject pain
Complex meets genuine
If it aint genuine
I’m complex
Direct in Direction
Lame niggas detour in 2.5 second
Fuck you I’m Me
Crown Certified I breathe
Aw in Awesome
Sick with the bullshit
Feel my raft the lion’s uncaged
Tame or be tamed
Understand or explain
Survival of the Strongest
I AM the Queen of the Jungle
Roar real quick
Quick to cut a bitch
Repent for my sins
Then write about it
I’ll take that

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