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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

King and Queen: Protection

He's my Police Officer
It's his law to protect and serve
He wears the badge proudly
It's his honor and privilege
To take a bullet
If necessary
He's my Lawyer
He makes sure I get what I deserve
More importantly what I need
We may argue
Agree to disagree
No matter what
The case will always be a victory
He's my Fireman
When it gets too hot
I can burst into flames
He doesn't mind putting out the fire
He's my Friend
My confidant
He holds my deepest secrets
As if it was my last word
He's my Teacher
Daily lessons
Are required for growth
Weekly tests
Open book notes
Final exam
No curves
He's my Doctor
When I'm sick
He's my medicine
My cure
He will never leave my side
The medication is pure
He's my Partner
We both contribute 100%
Not 50%
Anything worth having
Is worth working hard for
We're completely invested
He's my Business
Anything involves him
Involves me
I'm certified mail
He will deliver
At your service guaranteed
He's my Family
He's there whenever I'm in need
He's also there when I'm not in need
Sometimes get on my last nerve indeed
Family first is what we breed
It's tattooed on our hearts
He's my King
My Protection

Copyright 2014

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