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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #4 - Just Friends?

What’s wrong with being just friends?
Like seriously, just friends?
I remember growing up with friends
May it be men or women?
We just chilled
No sexual intent
No motive
No objective
WE just chilled
Nowadays people have an agenda
A simple outing just for entertainment with the opposite sex
Making friendship a prerequisite for sex
Some type of sexual manner
A kiss
Some ASS
At least a taste of that pussy
Seems to be the standard
Disclaimer ***This does not apply to all MEN***
Call me old school
Clearly there is something wrong
And I did not get the memo
Most successful relationships are those that start with friendship
The question is “Why is Friendship skipped?”
“Why is Sex a prerequisite?”
If asked my opinion
I see it as such
We live in a world where Sex is displayed in many formats
May it be on T.V., Radio, or from personal experiences?
Sex is THE topic of conversation
Related to every situation that may take place in some manner
Clearly the world has brainwashed individuals
To the point the flesh doesn’t understand the spirit
Ladies your body is your temple
Treat it as such
No one is perfect and backsliding is expected
Thus the entry you choose should be of choice
Not by the way of circumstances
Pre-requisite, acceptance, or settlements
A man that is willing to look past the obvious
Intrigued by the unknown
Honor to be in your grace
Has patience to understand you
Before any sexual content takes place is a FRIEND!

Copyright 2014

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