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Monday, December 30, 2013

F**k You I’m Me #8 – Ring! (Dedicated to Peter Gunz & Amina) #LHHP

So tell me again
Why did you accept the ring?
Was it the Money?
Yours or his self-esteem
That couldn't say no
But instead you both chose to proceed
Collect your $200.00 and pass go
Now you both looking stupid
Asking for a refund
Access denied
Again I ask
Why did you accept the ring?
If it wasn't for Love
The Union and God
It wasn't a marriage from the start
How can you be surprised with the end?
So why did you accept the ring?
I’ll tell you why
Fuck who denies the truth
In 2013 people don’t live by rules
They live by circumstances
How they manage their finances
How they can spend YOUR finances
How they can benefit before getting in
Be a part of the crowd
The overall lifestyle
Attention is a deadly weapon
Pending the hand
Your ass is no longer a rejection
More like contagious
No cure for the flu
You threw up your soul
When you said “I Do”
For some Pussy
That good ole Dick
However my question is
Where is that Pussy and Dick?
When you need it…Divorce!
All of a sudden you request a recall
Why did I accept the ring?
Was it for money and fame?
Was it for the sex and games?
Was it for the chase and dates?
Was it for the lust and trust?
Was it for the wants and needs?
Was it for the void and weak?
Whatever it maybe
If it’s not the Love
The Union and God

Copyright 2013

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