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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crown Certified Moment Free-Style #1

I’m not your normal
I’m okay with that
Far from the typical
Real Queens and Kings realize that
One of a kind
A dime can’t compare
To my billion dollar smile
So with your other nine cents
Go get a coke and a frown
I’m not too cool for school
I just grind on another level
Your mind couldn't fathom
I’ll run circles around you
You too
And you too
I’m not what you see
I’m not even what I eat
However I am what I say
I am
What God says
I am
Fuck You I’m Me
Better yet
Fuck you I’m 30
Always been beyond my years
Always carried a load
Now I’m Free
I feel like I can fly
R. Kelly
I have joy in my heart
Happiness in my mind
A positive spirit in my soul
Not even my biggest hater
Can steal what’s about to manifest
It’s too bold
It takes a Queen to handle
What I’m about to unfold
Have a seat little one
Talk your shit
Just make sure you cop
What’s sold
Spread the word as you do
It’s all love on my end
I have no problem
Banking off you
I've spent too many years
Holding back
Debating if the world
Could handle my artistic flow
If I put these lyrics on a track
Will they understand my aggression
If I put these words on paper
Potentially hurting feelings
I can’t take it back
But the story needs to be told
I had to live it
Go through it
No cut or pause
It was a rap
Will they understand the fact
My swag is a combination
Of the Lack of
Not having
With the benefit of
And the spirit of
Anything in the way
So I begin to start grabbing
I can get stupid with it
Not looking for a contract
I just want to be successful
Engrave my signature
On every temple
Who knows what gift
I will use
I just know I’m gifted
And this is what I do
Remain true
Fuck passing a bucket
I’ll create the bucket
And which direction it will flow
I’m not your normal
Far from the typical
One of a kind
A dime can’t compare
To my billion dollar smile

Copyright 2013

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