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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crown Certified Moment #3 - The Cookie Monsters

Public Service Announcement
Ladies Hide Your Cookies
Put them in a Cookie Jar
Keep it in the freezer
Don’t bake it
Play with it
Just wrap it up
And save it for later
I promise it will not stale
I promise it’s worth the story to tell
If you decide to not bake your sweets
The Cookie Monster act like he’s “that” hungry
I would recommend a restaurant of his choice
If the Cookie Monster is pressuring you to cook
There is nothing in the refrigerator
I would recommend him to buy some groceries
If you’re providing steak
The Cookie Monster wants sweets instead
I would recommend he look elsewhere
Get it?
The Cookie Monsters are loose
These days it’s easy to become a statistic
Like seriously
Don’t be a Fool
Save your sweets
For Mr. Sweet Tooth
That’s meant for you
Not Mr. Sweet Teeth
Mr. Sweet Tooth
Public Service Announcement
(Alarm Ringing)
The Cookie Monsters…The Cookie Monsters are on the way!!!
(Alarm Ringing)
Mama Sugar: Dough the alarm is ringing
Poppa Dough: Come on Cookies into the jar you go
Mama Sugar: Dough how long will we have to go through this?
Poppa Dough: Until The Cookie Monsters become Mr. Sweet Tooth’s

Copyright 2013

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