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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dating Prison – Mr. Playboy #5

Dating Prison – Mr. Playboy #5
Name: Mr. Playboy
Age: 29
Likes: Vulnerability 
Dislikes: Rejection
Victim Eligible: No
Charge: Infidelity 
Sentence:  5 years/ Rehabilitation Acceptance 2 ½ years
How is it possible a wonderful time?
Could be fulfilled with some many bad experiences
How could it be Love?
If all I do is get damaged
Self-inflicted wounds caused by my bad choices
I couldn't avoid it Love
I wanted it, Love
I craved it, Love
Just from him, My Love
He had this problem
It’s called
Dick Control
He had none
He couldn't control his Dick
Here and there
He would Play with his little Trick
The Latino Freak
Her diction was unique
As a typical man
He got caught up in the game
Attempted a Replay
I was down for the cause
It was just one mistake
Push play
I got off work early
To surprise my baby
Why, just because
As I pull up to the house
I see a car parked in the front
I quietly enter the house
I hear music and I instantly
Calm down it’s probably him and his boys
I’m getting out of my investigation mode
Following the music
Dancing down the hall excited
I open the door to the bedroom
I couldn't believe what I saw
My husband with two women
In my bed
Having a fucking Fiesta
 I reached into my purse
The ladies start to scream
He stated “Baby don’t do it”
Me: I politely but loudly stated
“Shut the fuck up, honey”
It’s just Divorce Papers
He stated “What?”
Me: Yes dear
Let’s be honest here
You have a problem
I've carried these papers in my purse
Since that last situation
Remember the written agreement
Lady #1: Can we go?
Me: Bitch No! Shut up and sit there
Play with the other Bitch!
Get to work!
He stated: I know babe but I’m trying to get help
I love you, you have my heart and I have yours
Me: Baby, I love you too
But your heart and dick is not connected
You know as one
As WE are AS ONE
Right now WE are THREE
You promised you would seek help
You didn't
You promised you would be honest with me
You didn't
More importantly darling
I care about me
Even if you don’t
Longevity is a gift
Life is precious
STD/HIV test
Check mark baby
I embrace it
Him: Why married and wear condoms?
Me: It was a must
Him: Rebuilding trust
Me: It’s a part of the process
Him: Do you have a pen? I’m not going to fight.
Me: Passes him a pen! Signed by both parties!

Copyright 2013

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