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Sunday, December 22, 2013

F**k You I’m Me #7 – Love Language

What is your Love Language?                                             
Do you know what it is?
If not, let’s explore together
There are Five Love Languages

  •   Words of Affirmation
  •   Physical Touch
  •   Acts of Service
  •   Gifts
  •   Quality Time
So where do you fall in line
Have you took the time
To figure out the rhyme of your heart
What makes you fall so deeply in love?
Is it the words that follow a person’s actions?
The Physical Touch that makes you blush
The Acts of Service just because
A Gift with the response
It’s not even my birthday
Perhaps Quality Time
As time should be cherished
As we all have one life to live
One heart to give
One true soul mate
What is your Love Language?
Do you know how to relate the message?
Can you guess it?
Are you still trying to figure out?
What’s destine
Let those Love Languages flow
Let your heart and emotions
Identify what’s real
What gives you those lovely chills?
Understand the Love Language that connects
A connection that’s unbreakable
Just right
Every person has a Love Language
Perhaps one of the five
At least
No matter what that Love Language maybe
Always remember
The point is to not use the Love Language you desire
However use the Love Language your partner can receive

Copyright 2013

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