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Monday, December 16, 2013

Crown Certified Moment - Free-Style #2

Okay we’re both grown
I understand you don’t want to be alone
Nor do I
So let’s stop hiding behind the bush
Playing hide and seek
Please believe baby
I’m the only woman you need
A Queen
Straight Crown Certified
The seek can decease
I’ve sparked my interest
So tell me baby
What do you need?
Pleasure is guaranteed
 But in order for me to assist
I need you to go deep
Nigga I mean deep
No Mask
Yea it’s about to get ugly
Go Deep
This Queen needs a King
With no repeats
Fuck trial and error
I’m the question and answer
The problem and the solution
I’ll grade the test and provide a tutor
No wrongs
Just rights
Anything in between is worth the fight
It’s called Love Jones
I heard
You’ve been in the zone for a minute
Please let me dismiss your limits
Just get in the fast lane
Keep up with my range
As I may go fast or slow
However medium is my tempo
Can you ride?
Let me drive
Not all the time
Just once in awhile
I need to share the throne
Not stand there alone
Can you fight the tide?
I need a hero
Willing to never fuck up
His blessings
Honor where he’s resting
Appreciates the lessons
Love me past passions
Commitment everlasting
When it gets nasty
It gets nasty
Safe and protected
We be nasty
But it’s all about that commitment shit
You can’t have thee
Have your cake and eat it too
Someone would say
Stick with what you know
Don’t be a fool
I chose to give you the go
What do you know?
Fantasies become reality
To be continued…

Copyright 2013 

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