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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #6 - Love ME!

How can you love me?
If you can’t love yourself
How can you embrace me?
If you don’t know your worth
See I’m a different type of female
Fuck the search I know my worth
Fuck the game and the race
I know my place
Its First place any given day
All day
Count the ways

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #5 - GAS (Grind Aint Sh!t)

Yo “C” GAS! Yo “C” your Grind Aint Sh!t!
What the f**k you doing
Don’t you get it?
No matter how hard you try
You still aint sh!t
Grind away my dear
Let your pride take the first seat to disaster
No worries
When you crash I will not be there to help you after
Haven’t you realized by now
Your Grind Aint Sh!t (GAS)!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crown Certified Moment #4 - Just Friends?

What’s wrong with being just friends?
Like seriously, just friends?
I remember growing up with friends
May it be men or women?
We just chilled
No sexual intent
No motive
No objective
WE just chilled
Nowadays people have an agenda
A simple outing just for entertainment with the opposite sex
Making friendship a prerequisite for sex

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

F**k You I’m Me #10 – Beautifully Flawed

My Flaws are Flawless                                   
My Beauty is Endless
Therefore I’m Beautifully Flawed
I will not apologize for my mistakes
I will embrace them and find another way
To learn and not escape
I’m Beautifully Flawed and I love it
No I do not walk straight
My legs are bowed as an arrow
A Doctor would suggest
This was an error
A birth defect
At which the car wreck in 1996
Added to it
Four surgeries later
I’m over it
It does not matter to me
I like the way my hips sway

Thursday, January 2, 2014

F**k You I’m Me # 9 - Why AM I Single?

I've been asked this question for years                                   
Thus I've decided to answer it
The question is “Why are you Single?”
Typically I would respond
“Because the right man hasn't approached me yet”
“I don’t have time for anyone, I’m too busy”
“I want to know the same thing” lol
Now these responses are true
They were at different times in my life
I’m now 30 and I was asked the same question yesterday
My response was “I don’t know but I do know”
Crazy, right?
Actually it makes perfect sense
Let me explain
Having a preference is a great attribute
It keeps an individual aligned with reality