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Friday, March 8, 2024

Analytical Muse #10 FINALE - Boundaries

1. Boundaries                                                                                                                        
2. Mind your business
3. Therapy
4. Self Love, Respect, and Awareness
5. Mental & General Health
6. Prayer, Discernment, Faith & Manipulation
7. Positivity
8. Forgiveness
9. Love
10. Loyalty

Setting boundaries is a skill
Once implemented shit gets real
Some can understand your growth
Others will remind you of your past episodes
Let's be clear people's opinions of you hold no weight
Keep minding your business and become beyond great
Everyone needs therapy its back dated to slaveryGenerational trauma
Never requested
But you got it
Mental knowledge misguided
Yeah they tried it
Physical torture to the body
They didn’t try to hide it
Verbal insults implemented
To demolish your self-esteem
Meanwhile every Sunday
They’re praying to the highest on their knees
Emotional support
Never supported
They get off the fact
You were aborted
Sexual advances
Held up at ransom
No one willing to pay
You become the sale per day
Spiritual abuse
They falsified the Power within you
Yeah they always deny the truth
The reason for the vice use
May it be from alcohol to drugs
Sex or simply falling in love quickly
Wanting to belong especially from a family
Wanting to be accepted from your job
Because your skin color is darker
Then the paper of the dollar
Chasing money in exchange for hearts
Shopping sprees to cure insecurities
Understand it's a result of self-love
The lack thereof
Please understand
The respect you deserve
Our awareness we live bold
We must fight everyday
As a reminder how society turned us cold
Majority will say it's protection
Others will say it's a deflection
That's how I know it's NO relation
No direction
The reason why
You should stand ten toes down on historical information
However many are stuck in the metrics
Conformed to slave mentality
Can't escape because it's their reality
The power of manipulation
Is a lesson worth learning
Understanding the objective
Is how you keep the tables turning
It's a matter of help or harm
Discernment or the storm
Prayer AND Peace
Disaster with no relief
It's a must you stay positive in these streets
No matter what anyone says positivity is key
Faith is worth the belief
It's a fact forgiveness is free
But love and loyalty will cost you everything
If you don't set boundaries

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