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Friday, April 19, 2024

Dear Dairy #9 - Him or Her!

I've witnessed and experienced                                                    
So many empty souls
My entire life
Even when I was younger
I could feel when something wasn't right
My spirit naturally equipped
Ready to redirect anything negative
Bullshit was never a tolerance
Cows produce milk
It makes sense
I'm lactose intolerant
The fake ass beef
Is a true allergy
No medication necessary
I stay away from those environments
If I sneeze around you
That's my notice to get out of it
The warning comes before the storm
Just make sure you're ready to perform
Due to allergens
Cleanse those sinuses
So I don't think twice about it
Please don't reveal you're a part of it
Now my heart is broken
And I don't like it
Iron sharpens iron
That's my dialect
Same Crown
Same Standards
Same Attitude
Same Stature
I Move different
I've met too many actors
Claimed Models, Mentors and Pastors
Good Men, Father's and Bastards
Alleged Singles, Divorced and Entrepreneurs
Fake Friends, Family and Connoisseur
New on the scene but they become the biggest Whores
Deep Insecurities caught them at the door
I see checkmate and ignore
It's not my fight to deploy
Cameras seek at night to exploit him or her
You reap what you sow
I can't be your super-shero
I still hold your secrets
Never put you on BLAST
It could damage him or her
I'm NOT that Savage for him or her
I can manage
I can love him or her
Without a challenge
I recover the damage
To him or her
Repair at no charge
To him or her
Perhaps that's the reason why
I’m a threat to him or her
I am QUEEN status
That's why you're valid
It's my Cesar dressing to the salad
That gave you a seat at the palace
If it wasn't for ME
You'll be rubbish to him or her
Don't sleep on the CROWN
You know it's CERTIFIED
I kept quiet SO
YOU can stay ALIVE
In these STREETS
Knowing I can DEVOUR what I EAT
I'm back on my Shit
Thus I'm back on the scene
I’ve always been honest
Fuck You I'm Me
Never Quit but the First to STAND UP
I will not fold nor flop
I will not argue nor fight
I'm in my 40’s every day and night
Never get it twisted
I'm still busy with my business
Just mind your own Bizness
God gave me a heart of gold
When I give my love out
At some point It’s repo’d
That’s how I know
I gave it to the wrong souls
This is an example how I demolish them
Sweet talk and polish them
Natural ability to shine them
Once they get everything they need
They’re ready to destroy me
When I don't react
To shit with no toiletries
It's a FACT I'm ABOVE thee
Spent plenty nights on the concrete
When it's double negative degrees
My spiritual guides cover me
Pick me up and triple my blessings
There’s no point being ugly
I give grace and pray
God keep the demons away from me

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