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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You Just Lost One

Games are for lames
So what cards are you playing?
Nigga this isn’t lotto
So what chances are you taking?
I asked you to be honest
So why the fuck you faking?
Did you really think I would wait?
Nigga who the hell you mistaking

So I guess I’m the cake
And she’s the filling
You just lost one
Can you take it?
Its okay
Play it cool my dude
Hell none of this
Might not mean nothing to you
But that one very soon may become two
Having your cake and eating it
Is through
Sorry sweetie
It’s no longer available to you
Spread your wings
Please fly
When those hoe’s hang your ass to dry
Don’t come back asking me why
That Bitch karma
You just lost one
Hello you alright?
Just in case you’re wondering
Nah I’m not mad
Lucky for you disappointment is a part of life
I’m use to paying the price
This situation could’ve ended extremely ugly
And no I’m not talking about a fight
I’ll just let these couple of bars
Justify my cause
I refuse to give you the benefit of a bark
Consider this a soft tone roar
Truth be told
I just wanted to make you laugh
No lie
Feel warm
Bubbly inside
Be there for you
Despite the tides
Penetrate your thoughts
Make you come alive
Be an extension to your dreams
And everything in between
Treat you like a king
Display the definition
Of ride and die Queen
Best friends until the end
You can kiss that goodbye
I’m just doing what you couldn’t from the start
Keeping it real from the heart
At the end of the day
It’s nothing more to say
You just lost one
But I’m sure you will be okay

Copyright 2012


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