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Friday, April 20, 2012

Topic: Kissing (Team Red: Mz-AM & Lyrically Speakn vs Team Blue: Kenroy Maynard & Jamil Mauney) Vote For The Best Team

Team Red:

Mz-AM - Have You Ever

Have you ever made love with your mouth?
Have you ever translate silent language with your tongue
Have you ever expressed your emotions with your lips?
I am here to tell you
What you’ve experienced was a kiss
Let’s take it back for a second
Remember back in the day
When he or she would say…
As a youngster we would chant
____ And ____ sitting in the tree

First comes love then comes marriage
Then come a baby in a baby carriage
As a youngster everything started with a kiss
Kissing has the maturity just like a person playing sports
You practice until its perfect it
For some people kissing is not there forte
I am sure they can substitute in others ways
However it’s never too late
Ask the girl or the guy
To teach you how to penetrate
Your lips
Your tongue
Experience the mouth watering orgasm
That will result both of you
Exploring a mental emotional cum
I am here to tell you
You need to experience a kiss
Let’s take it back once again
Remember back in the day
When he or she would realize
There kissing technique was not so great
It was time to date
The kiss was first base
Practice sometimes involved
An arm
A doll
A pillow
Some little kid trying to be grown
They would find their playmate
Try to remake 
What they saw on TV last Thursday
They had no clue what they were doing
They knew their tongue and lips were moving
Have you ever made love with your tongue?
Have you ever experience an orgasm mouth piece?
Have you ever translate silent language with your lips
While communication flows through each lick
Yes it’s true some people will get really freaky with a kiss
I call it the customize benefit lick
Once the tongue softly cross those lips
The ears are sucked
The tongue begins to flip back and forth
Then travels down to the neck
Making circle with the tip
At this point
Wetness forms from her Clit
Hardness forms from his Dick
No matter what happens next
It all started with a kiss
A kiss can be the most exciting attribute within relationships
It can also be a deal breaker
It can save lives
Let’s take it back once again
Remember back in the day
When a person would fake they could not breathe
The man or women of their dreams
Would come to their rescue
Just to realize it was a trap
Although he/she would never admit it
You kissed back
It’s a natural reflex
Have you ever made love with your lips?
Have you ever experience a mental orgasm kiss?
Have you ever translate silent language with your mouth?
Like when you took those vows
It ended with a kiss
When you wake up in the morning
Go to bed at night
Leave for work
Ready to make a baby
The list goes on
It all started with a kiss
I am here to tell you
What you’ve experienced was a kiss
And if you have not
I am here to tell you
You need to experience a kiss
One that will make your heartbeat skip
Have you ever… 

Lyrically Speakn - This Kiss

Miles Davis said it was ‘something he dreamed last night’,
But my inner vision was an actuality.
He actually put the sun to shame,
With the rays of his light.
It was no fallacy.
Plucked perfect chords using celestial stars,
That illuminated the night sky.
It was reality when he commanded the wind to graze my neck
In the very spot where plush lips had anticipated to savor.
It was no coincidence when he pulled my soul from within my gut,
As he regarded me that summer evening.
The way in which my pearl ached for his embrace,
This was no mistake.
I became nude amongst the science between us.
I was vulnerable.
Full Breaths
Tattooed Belly
Mmmmmm that buoyant Sweet Peach
He held me without hands.
Then in position,
Face to face.
Lips to lips
Breath to breath.
He sought me.
He desired my movement
To be upon his.
And at that very moment,
We were in synch.
Sheets became clinched in manicured fingertips.
The girth was amazing.
His spirit danced with my quintessence.
We were larger than the both of us.
The wall to wall mirror provided evidence.
It provided evidence of the flawed perfection reflected.
I was ready.
He was ready.
He coveted to kiss my lips.
He begged to strum them as he had done the stars.
I needed him to.
His hands gripping my hips confirmed,
They confirmed all of his hope.
I waited all night for this moment,
As his hands slightly groomed my locs,
This man,
Gazed into ebony eyes and closed the space between our faces.
Oh, God how I needed this,
This kiss.
I felt the satin covering of his sculpted vocal projectors.
So smooth.
He smiled as the shimmer inside of his luscious,
Exposed a tiny ring.
It was for me.
Biting my bottom lip,
Oh the outright exotic thoughts that crossed my mind.
His kiss awaited.
Just as the universe was due to see fit that our lips touched,
Unbeknownst to me,
Pretty hands held his head fit for nothing less than a crown and,
Commanded it to 85 South.
His kiss,
Was everything I needed it to be.
Lips to lips he,
Teased the sh*t out of my swollen bead.
Scavenged with an animalistic greed.
And he,
Accompanied handsome fingers within me
And he,
Grimaced when I expressed the need
To feel bass on his 4/4 beat.
This was the kiss.
The kiss that freed my wilds.
And what compiled this somatic sensation ,
Was the thought of more,
And More,
He spoke in tongues and I understood.
I adapted his vernacular for my own,
As I,
Slipped into my promise land.
With unstable legs and a smile.
This man.
This king,
May mentally misplace many things.
A memory not strengthened will deliver a lacking response.
Something he’d never even miss.
But this man,
This king,
Will never forget,
This kiss.
And this pearl,
Belongs to him. 

Team Blue:

Kenroy Maynard - The Hunger of A Kiss

What is it about kiss that completely identifies, capitalizes, stroke, and stimulates the chemistry between two people.
These two people (whomever they are), coupled with the sense of smell which is actuated by the perfume of their breath, all combine to make the kiss an exquisite, ineffable epitome of unalloyed bliss!
Before entering the kiss, the chemistry must be a necessity amongst the two for the kiss to work. two people kiss because they are satisfying a hunger within them.
A hunger that is as natural as the hunger for food, water and knowledge. this hunger is instinctive that is, we cannot learn it or acquire it in any way.
Therefore, it can be seen that it is the partial satisfying of the sex-hunger that makes kissing pleasurable.
Regardless the stimulation(good or bad kiss) is there whether base on love or lust.
For a kiss is really the union of two soul mates who have come together because they were made for each other. reason for this is that the kiss is really the introduction to love.
This is why a kiss is so vitally important. the entity of a kiss is too rapturous, a thing to be enjoyed for the moment and the moment only.
Forget everything but the kiss in which you are in the midst of: just as two lips connects amongst any individual, "the forehead" does the same amount of damage if place right, gentle, and gracefully.
A simple kiss(for love or lust) strokes the mind so terribly that is makes you wonder "what if". for a kiss can never be absolutely defined.
Because each kiss is different from the one before and the one after, just as no two people are alike, so are no two kisses alike.
For it is the connection and chemistry of two people who makes kisses. Real, live people pulsating with life love and extreme happiness!

Jamil Mauney - Still Kissing

Been on this date far too long
Staring at u all night is hooking me
Like the line of my favorite song
A lot of me wants a lot of this lady
Dinner and shots of chemistry
Now I'm having trouble keeping
My composure on
Styling and smiling all night
Please keep going on
We been flowing to a tune
A kiros moment so opportune
Our attraction so strong only u and I
Seem present in the room
And the ride to your place provided
No space available for the incapable
But I know to much to soon
Will ruin the chance of future moons
But I can't fight the urge
We're fueled by the same surge
All night you've had that look like
My hands belong on your curves
I want to end the night right
But I'm feeling short on words
My intrinsic fires burning
Feeling the flight of my bird
Keys in the door we're real close
One dose is enough
to set a sultry blaze for days
It was a great night check
Follows the let's do it again check
Then the final hug
That's when she kissed my neck
....... So I completely invaded her
Stared and engaged in her
Receptive disposition
by giving in for kissing
So I warmed her lips
By meshing them with mine
Hands up her side
Our worlds began to collide
She's slowly breathing from my lungs
I'm sucking on her tongue
Steady alternating lips
Biting and eating her words that slip
Tilting her head back
Mouth running down her chin
Tasting the remains of her perfume
Like I'm feeding for two
I can feel the vibes
A pulsation running across my face
Coming from the suppressed pressure
Held hostage by her jeans
Over a volcanic place
So open went the door
Down went the keys
Down goes her purse
Slam goes the door
With a sign that say privacy

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