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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Replacement

The replacement should never be associated with the side chick
The simple Bitch,
The jump off
The quick Fuck fix or any derogatory term
She would never break up a happy home
Instead she will
Encourage a man to take care of his throne
Explain to him that relationships at times do burn
Anything worth having is worth given another turn

The beauty of love is worth sharing
Not to be alone
She would remind him of moments with the misses
Like the first kiss
The first message stating you are missed
The first lick
On the neck that is
The first argument
Which should never last long
Neither can resist
Not being in each other’s presence
The first date
The first time he ate
Her cooking that is
The first mistake
The first breakfast in bed
The first lovemaking they made
The first game he played
And she was his #1 fan
The first time they looked at each other in the mirror
And said damn
The first time he was sick
How she stayed home from work
And took care of his head
On his shoulders that is
If he stops the replacement during this encouragement
And state
None of that is happening
No way
Explain to him that he deserves a Queen
That will supply his every need
As a friend it’s your duty
To make sure he sees
That a good woman
Appreciates a great King
The replacement is a woman of grace
No matter the circumstance
She will never become second place
The replacement could be a long lost friend
A home girl’s cousin
The lady at work on the 5th floor
The woman at the concession stand
Where he plays sports
So please ladies
When you let go a good dude
Do not get mad at the replacement
Because it was his choice to choose
And it was your choice to be the fool
She just happen to be the women he could not refuse


The Replacement 

Copyright 2012

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