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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Innocent Felon

Life use to be so easy
I was living the dream
Happiness finally
I inhaled success
Anything compared to less
I cannot front
There was undeniable stress
But my loyalty to you
Gave me the motivation to progress
I was your hardworking express card

No matter the time or date
My attendance was prompt
No matter the request
My service rendered was your first attempt
I traveled across the states alone
No family or friends
Home sick within
You never questioned my security
However near payday
You managed to question my ability
To invest in your future
By the way that 6% match
Was not worth the crap you put me through
But for some insane reason
I remained loyal to you
Distance makes the heart grow fonder
A seven day vacation was considered necessary
Therefore I relaxed and let my mind ponder
Upon my returned
I regained the inspiration to grind harder
You were planning our departure
I received the pink slip
Because your insecurities
Would rather settle for a weak dick simulation
Instead of a grow woman clit mentality
My anger got the best of me
Regardless of the situation
You paid for my humility
As you claim
I robbed you of stability
False accusations
Led me to a three year vacation
Locked behind bars due to your fraud
My freedom is spent
Being controlled by systematic commanders
Badge color determined by title given
Dress code determined by position
I know longer have power over my life
Time constrains waiver commander’s benefit
Selfless puppet
First come
First served
Survival of the fittest
While serving the sentence
Constantly convince
It’s a test for judgment day
Wondering if I will be released
Permanent leads to free
Or will I be sentenced again
Dismissing my plea
As I repeatedly state
I am not guilty
Stop treating me like a piece of meat
I am not a felon
I am innocent
However in our society
Working a contractor position is a conspiracy
Copyright 2012


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