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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cool Off

For just one moment
Could you please take your cool off
Massage my thoughts
Tell me what I need to hear
Do not attempt to fear
My response
Although it might seem cloudy
My words are clear
Be the boss
Take charge
You lead
I’ll follow
Just promise to guide me into beautiful tomorrows
In return I promise to replace any sorrow
With extreme love and affection
That will take an entire lifetime to swallow
If you don’t believe me
Live love laugh is my motto
I’m like the genie in the bottle
Make a wish
You deserve the best
Not a cheap model
Life is too short for bogus thrills
It’s all about that unexpected big deal
Let me utilize my irresistible skills
For example
How my words travel out of my mouth
I’ll detour you with my tongue
One you reach the final destination
I’ll be thankful to watch you cum
I know your body got the chills
Stop the late night feels
I’ll be your ecstasy pill
Fantasy meets reality
Unlimited refills
For just one moment
Could you please take your cool off
Let’s act like kids and moonwalk
You’ll be Michael
I’ll be Janet
A bond so divine
Scream on demand
Take my hand into happiness
Do not try to fight it
Do not deny it
Embrace it
Take those moments back
When butterflies were trapped in your stomach
Sick with love
For what’s to come
Anticipating brunch
Get fly
So I can admire your attire
You can admire me light up
Because your smile incise my fire
Let me drown in your cologne
Rescued by your conversation
I’ll be your motivation
Your creation
No matter if you
Multiply add subtract or divide
I’ll be your equation
Share our darkest secrets
Sit back laugh and watch TV
Scratch that
Let’s sneak in a movie
Eat pizza
Big kids within
I don’t care what we do
My only request is to be with you
All of this and more could be possible
If you for just one moment
Would please take your cool off

Copyright 2012

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