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Friday, December 17, 2021

Dear Dairy #1 - Relax

This week has been a Struggle                                                                                              
I was harassed, disrespected, and treated Unfairly
I was looked passed, by passed, and treated Poorly
I didn’t show my ASS but I Could’ve
I stood ten toes Down
Protected by Crown
Maintaining my Composure
Like the saying Goes
If it’s one Thing
It’s another
And another
And another
And anotherMeanwhile
STILL Maintaining my Composure
I drove through the Bullshit
Like a Bulldozer
No need to ask God
Why Me
I’m a Certified Solider
That’s why the Enemy
Is a Hell-raiser
They can see the angel in Me
My light shines so Bright
For Them
It’s a danger to See
They get Overheated
I’m the SUN in these Streets
No matter how Hard
They Try
They can’t defeat Me
My ancestors lurking Around
Ready to Provide
A Three Piece
And a Biscuit
If need Be
They Said
Yo Ci Ci
Calm down
Be Easy
Change your Frequency
What’s an elf to a Giant
Never Downsize
Upgrade and Multiply
Lead with your Love
And genuine Spirit
The Fuck You I’m ME
Always Crown Certified
In these Streets
Just be cool and Relax
Let the universe
Handle Everything

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