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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Confidence #5 - Facts (He Is)

When he sees me   
He sees Queen
When he hears me
He hears her majesty
When he feels me
He feels the enter me
Beyond my centerpiece
He respects my masterpiece
As the Queen I am
He will never settle for less than me
He respects me
He respects my mentality
He expands my reality
Meanwhile building my resume
The next day
The new way
The new wave
A new face to replace
A new sound to create
A new trend to duplicate
A new style to deliberate
He never neglect
His responsibilities
As the King he stands
Loud and proud
He tame me
By the right of communication
It's called dialogue clarity
He praise me
By the right of his Queen
Nothing will never come in between
He saves me
By the right of the law
I'll wear that ring proudly
Put it in your face gladly
But most importantly
He is the one I could never erase
He is the one I could never replace
He is the gift that will keep giving
He is the life that keeps calling
He is the bright tone the Leo roars
He is the strength that's not bothered by  bars or walls
He is the love that most people want
He is the Renaissance man
That will hold you down
No matter the cause
He is the sun that never sets
He is the touch that softens the soul
The climax that reacts off tough struggles
When interacting with genuine love
He is...Facts!
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