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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Coffee - Predetermined Questions & Five Extreme Hints!

The Coffee…Predetermined Questions?

1.       What are the intentions and/or plan?

2.       Does everyone know each other?

3.        Who’s cheating?

4.       Are there any children missing in the equation?

5.       Who's gay and/or a lesbian?

6.       Are there any felons?

7.       Are there any entrepreneurs?

8.       Is there any Artist involved?

9.       Who’s making money within the walls?

10.   How many series will there be?

The Coffee…Five Extreme Hints!

1.       Five children are unknown!

2.       Five women/men are unknown via the relationship status!

3.       Three Baby Mama’s are involved!

4.       Two Men cannot have children!

5.       One marriage is false!

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