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Monday, July 4, 2016

Confidence #6 - Plastic

Oh My God
I know it’s a process
Can I keep it to myself?
I know that’s not going to happen
People consistently beat it out my chest
I try to sustain
The value of my wealth
I can’t move to the next Level
Before I’m robbed
By a plastic thug
A plastic gun
Plastic love
A plastic job
Plastic fun
A plastic heart
Plastic bar
A plastic environment
Plastic cause
A plastic friend
Plastic lost
A plastic cost
The battle is not mine
I don’t have time for the war
I can remove myself
The creepy crawlers
Knocking at the door
Ginuwine like fine wine
He whispers in my ear
Telling me
I never ever need to fear
His love is golden
His heart is pure
His words are sacred
Voids he fulfill
Pain he heals
Love he seals
Trust he feels
He says
Plastic is the will
Sign on the dotted line
Plastic can become real
It’s your choice
Choose wisely
I reply
Plastic will never be real
It’s called confidence
I must decline the deal

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