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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Coffee - #1 - Who Am I? (Unworthy)

I know he's married
But I love him
He takes care of me and our baby
I could never leave him
We share a soul
That took my eggs and his semen
That created a begin 
The Lord knows
I'm faulty
Living the life
That's considered unworthy
I'm thirsty
For just a fingerprint of his spirit
A spit of his sins
That triples
When I'm in his presence
I'm a victim of his lust
A slave to his trust
The flesh to his dick
The emotion that never sticks
I'm stuck
Fucked up
Trying to figure out
The next move
The hustle
The next escape
The potential freedom
I'm wrestling 
The time is decreasing
The battles I'm facing
My will is failing
Who am I?

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