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Monday, June 6, 2016

Confidence #4 – Revelation

Call her the chancellor 
The forgiver
The God Sent independent ruler
The heartfelt believer
The innocent bystander
The logical force defender
The supporter that continuously lenders
Is it her stance?
The way she
Switches up her hair
The magnitude of her perfume
The way she pops off
When she’s not in the mood
The feisty fiery attitude
The sexy sassy classy attributes
Is it her truth that she release so freely
Her pain that she doesn’t regret
Speak out loud and proud
An example for the needy
Hungry for the coffee
Straight up
No cream
No sugar
Straight raw please
Is it the “Oh my God she’s too much”
Her personality is too bold
Her confidence is too strong
Her character is believable
Her honesty is reasonable
Her wisdom knowledge and education
Is honorable 
Is it her clever mentality?
That keeps you rowdy
Wanting more, more, and more
Trying to figure out
How did she do it?
How did she survive?
Why haven’t she gave up?
How much pride does she have?
Is it her love that you feel naturally?
Her ancestry spirit
Her third eye witness
Her mouthpiece harmony
Her nurturing soul
That fulfills your voids
Is it her healing that you want to consume
Chew swallow and devour
Spit that shit out and enjoy
Her no good tomorrows
Would you rather enjoy?
Her daily downfalls, setbacks, and demons
Complaining to the world
That she has been deceived
Fight continuously for the wrong meanings
Fall into a depression that seem everlasting
Now she cannot smile
That beautiful favored begin
Is now seedless
Is it her growth you can’t accept?
Is it her strength that you can’t comprehend?
Her style that will never bend
Her light that will shine regardless
Her voice that will reach amongst large crowds
Her message that speaks values
The fact that her soul will touch millions
The fact that you can’t translate her menu
Next moves or venues
Next thought or process
Next titty break
Next quote
Next poem
Next note
Next bar
Next word
Next sentence
She will always be here
God gave her the gift to feed
The lost souls
Or is it simply her confidence
It’s her right to obey the law
That’s confidence
It’s her right to be her own boss
That’s confidence
It’s her right to have no filter
When necessary
That’s confidence
It’s her right to fight for the cause
That’s confidence
When she walks into the room
That’s confidence
When she speaks to the weak
To make them strong
That’s confidence
When she falls
Brush that shit off
That’s confidence
When she breaks down walls
That’s confidence
When she lifts you up
That’s confidence
If she don’t give a fuck
That’s confidence
When she tells you
Your time is up
That’s confidence

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