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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Coffee – The Situation

1.       Randy & Christina:  The interesting married couple for three years. Randy is a Federal Agent for an undisclosed company. Christina is a lawyer for a prestigious Law Firm and they’ve been married for three years with one son (2 years old). Christina works a lot and Randy as well. However Randy makes more time for the family than Christina. They both have an interesting open marriage with restrictions. 

2.       Tisha and John:  The live life singles, Tisha is the Puerto Rican hairstyle breaking down walls within her industry currently up for The Stylist of The Year Award. John is an IT technician the highest paid within his industry. He’s known to solve the most difficult IT issues. They met at Starbucks two weeks ago. 

3.       Sara and Ike:  The seeking singles, Sara is full time banker and has been for three years and Ike is an inspiring model, part-time rapper, and full time drug dealer. They’ve been friends since high school. Sara is single and want to find someone to settle down with sooner than later. Ike is a hoe and can’t understand why he can’t find the perfect women. They both are seeking the perfect person.

4.       Shelly & Derrick: The engaged entrepreneur and self-expressive couple. Shelly is an Artist dominating the Poetry/Music/Entertainment scene while managing herself. Derrick is the top notch Barber & CEO for his own company taking over the city barber scene. They’ve been together for five years and recently engaged for one year. They do not have any children and plan to get married within the next 1 -2 years.

5.       Tina & Robert:  Happy Married couple for 10 years with three children, one boy (9), and two girls (7 & 5). Tina is an Accountant for a Pharmaceutical Company and Robert is a Doctor for Plastic Surgery Company. They live in a luxury family residential home, very involved in the company, and in their children’s lives.  

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