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Monday, November 4, 2013

Dating Prison – Mr. Liar #2

Name: Mr. Liar Age: 34
Likes: All women
Dislikes: Being committed to one woman
Victim Eligible: No
Charge: Living a double life
Sentence:  Life
We were like beauty and the beast
But he the beast was gorgeous
I've known him for 10 years now
It’s sad to say but our relationship
Ended three years ago
I loved him dearly
We started as friends then become lovers
Our jobs took a toll on our relationship
I traveled and so did he
Year 6 was great
We finally ended up in the same state
Life was awesome
I finally had him all to myself
We decided to take our relationship to the next level
Six months of complete bliss
Trust wasn't an issue
Love was the problem
His behavior started to change
It was the little things that gave it away
Late night text and calls
I didn't question it
Dates became limited
I didn't question it
Dinners would become cold due to his absent
I didn't question it
Phone calls and text messages became unanswered
Finally I started questioning everything
We've always been REAL to each other
No lies
No mess
He knew how I felt
Lying was the worst thing he could do to me
He knew the consequences
I asked him was there someone else 
If so just let me know
No hard feelings I understood
I gave him the opportunity to be truthful
He stated that I was the only one for him
There was no other woman
I'm just busy with work
His job was very demanding so I believed him
Three months later nothing changed
Until one night
He came over and stated we needed to talk
He stated I love you and always will
But after I tell you this I hope we can remain friends
I told him to continue
He stated
Before moving back I was dating someone
When we started back dating
I didn't know how to break up with her
So I continued our relationship

Now she’s pregnant and I proposed
She said Yes!

Copyright 2013


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