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Sunday, November 17, 2013

F***k You I'm Me #5 – Problem? - Popular Poems

You have a problem with me?                                 
I think it’s funny and I could care less
It took me years to understand why
I get it but please quit it
I’m NOT going to dumb myself down
Play the victim role
Climb up and down that pole
Let you twist my thoughts
Take advantage of my soul
Sorry boo try again
My worth surpasses the price of Gold
If you didn't know
You've just been told
I’m different
Pretty damn gifted
I understand struggle
From the beginning
To the deep end
Worldly sin attempting to take over
What’s profound within
Spiritual warfare
Becomes every warfare
And every warfare becomes reality
I’m not a piece of turf
You can’t walk nor run over me
The last time I checked
You don't run track
So put up the cleats
Retire the weak a$$ punch lines
Fake threats
You can't see me
Even if your pen bleed C’s
My gift is beyond measure
I have the power
To make an atheist into a believer
Give hope to those without
That’s ready to steal and k!ll
Just to survive
I don’t cut corners
Hide behind bushes
I address sh!t as required
Move on if it’s stupid
I don’t entertain bullsh!t
Because I might just lose it
Go back to my younger years
Where I was just ruthless
So respect my flow
Your weak ass will get booted
Fakeness is my enemy
My natural instinct kicks in
Now you’re a target to me
B!tch be gone
How many times
I got to tell you f**kers
You can’t break me
I’m only human sweetie
But don’t thank me
I don’t have bars
B!tch I got sentences
For every sentence
Theirs a hearing
Each time
Each rhythm
You think of “C”
Each time
You think of me
Be on your best behavior
Or “C’ will have to demolish
Everything you breathe, think, and eat
My pen justifies my actions
Because if my actions were my reactions
It would take an entire village
To get me off your assets
I've learned to digress
Don’t make me regress
Your mishaps
Will end in a relapse
I don't have insurance
So b!tch you will relapse
I'll prescribe your a$$
Something you can’t get back
I’m 30 now
My mind is clearer
But don't tempt me
You don't like me
That’s cool
But you will respect me
That goes for anyone
No one excluded
This is your warning
F**k You I'm ME!

Copyright 2013

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